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20 November 2012 @ 12:35 AM

I think I was torn to tears just over the entire episode. I was glad things wrapped up nicely for the most part, and that the secrets/scubs were finally explained (by Renton no less), and we finally got to find out about Ao’s sister (otherwise it would’ve been one of those unanswered questions if they didn’t say anything about it…..)


While I probably would’ve preferred to have Ao reuinte with his biological family(ajshbda it would’ve been cute too, oh well fanart works too!!), I think the ending left a good feeling overall. Ao did promise to Fleur that he’d come back to that time, and he did. His mother was not only alive and not trapped in space/turned into quartz, but also was able to reunite with Renton.

okay going to stop gushing over the episodes but kjasbdhjab GOOD ENDING WAS GOOD AND WELL WORTH THE WAIT.

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